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Red Devil Hand Tools


The good folks at Red Devil brought us in to help cost reduce their "Ergo" line of hand tools.  We were able to redesign the hand tool, add in the extra features that they wanted and reduce the cost by 75%.  We designed the parts, helped design the processes, working closley with their suppliers to give them a "product system" that met the needs and filled their supply lines all right here in the USA.

SignalCrafter's Technology

Industry leader Signalcrafter's Technology wanted to update their Line Conditioning Meters that are used in the Power and Communications industry.   We helped by designing and building the mechanical package.

Altec Lansing 


Concept Renderings for early cell phone speaker docks and satillite radio boom box.



Cash counter and anti-counterfeit machine.   This machine is used in the casino industry to count cash and verify that the money counted is legit.  It uses digital recognition masks for each of the different denominations to compare them against what is being scanned.   The unit on the right is the stand alone machine and the unit on the right shows the base machine with the optional expansion unit.

Shamrock Lacrosse


When Shamrock’s supplier needed to deliver a new lacrosse head they turned to us to design it.  We reverse engineered a good portion of it thru our Revware/Microscribe system. 

Products of Tomorrow


We were asked to take their designs which was done in 3ds Max.  We translated their designs into Solidworks and made the changes that they requested.  We then 3d printed them and color matched finished them (sanded and painted).

Lehigh Group


These are the original renderings for the Lehigh Group's consumer dispenser for light ropes and twine.  The unit has twine wound up on a roll and features a cutter that cuts the twine at the desired length.

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